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IPS 250 is specially designed to bring the convenience and the backup power source to the daily commuters, and outdoor activity fans.

* the unique shape makes it perfectly fitting into the cup holder in the car right beside your hands;

* pairing with your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, the hand free speaker makes your chat on the go comfortable while maintains you focusing on the road;

* enjoy music on the Bluetooth enabled speaker;

* replace Bluetooth ear bug with i power supply. One full charge could last more than one month in standby mode;

* on long journey, the unit will company with you with enough backup power for your loved electronic widgets  (5V DC 2.1A);

* in emergency, the unit could provide enough boost for light or medium cars (200A/400A start/peak);

* build in LED flashlight and emergency strobe;

* could be recharged either through the standard 120V AC power outlet in home or recharged with 12V DC power during driving;

* features spark free, reverse polarity protection, back feed charge protection safety functions and low voltage warning function;

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